Dynamic Force Group – DFG Breakthrough 2020

DFG Breakthrough 2020 Homecoming and Welcome Event - Group Photo - Dynamic-Force-Gorup

Dynamic Force Group | DFG Breakthrough 2020 – Today (03 Jan 2020) we welcome more than 60 new agents to ERA — DFG. On behalf of our management & division, we would like you to know we are so grateful of having you. DFG is continuously growing in achieving its highest level. We need competitive people in our group. In this case, DFG is very happy to have you. We are very proud of what we have today thus we are looking forward for best and brightest future in ERA with you. Once again, welcome aboard.

DFG Breakthrough 2020 | Photos of Our Event

Check out our sales and training initiatives that all our founders and leaders have put together to achieve breakthroughs as one DFG. Our various leaders in charge (Projects and Resale) will be sharing with you what we have put together.

– New 2020 Strategies To Win Together
– Breakthrough with Proven Methods
– Discover Up-To-Date Property Market Directions
– How You Can Level Up Your Business This 2020!

DFG Breakthrough 2020 | Leaders’ Sharing

You can PM any of the leaders for the slide presentation.



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