Dynamic Force Group – Dynamic Wealth Creation

Dynamic Wealth Creation is a full 3-day Advanced Training Program, suited for you if you are a Real Estate Salesperson with background in sales and have some basic knowledge in financial calculation and figures. This Program aims to transform you and set you apart from other “Buy, Sell and Rent” salesperson.

In the current market, you can no longer be in the above-mentioned group of salespersons. You will need to strive to be someone different and offering what others cannot provide their clients. Ways of improving in the values you can offer is to upgrade yourself to be a better you.

Being classified as Property Consultants instead of the normal “Buy, Sell, Rent” salesperson, you will be able to manage your clients’ property portfolio and help them create wealth in their property. You can also create your client’s trust in you by providing a higher depth of knowledge you achieve from this training.

The training modules comprises:-

  • Different ways to help your clients secure a property of their choice
  • What are the things to take note of before a client commits to buying
  • Financial calculations to help your clients see the best in you
  • Improvement in the values you can offer to your clients

After the training, members can:-

  • Explain and share wealth creation strategies with their clients
  • Provide important financial calculations
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Appropriate recommendations based on clients’ affordability to purchase
  • Detailed presentation on different scenarios