Dynamic Tag System (DTS)

Dynamic Tag System (DTS) Briefing by Marcus Ramsey Goh - Dynamic Force Group

One of the unique platform that makes Dynamic Force Group (DFG) attractive for agents to join us is the Dynamic Tag System (DTG) that many of our resale agents yearn for. Why is so attractive then ? Well, it served dual purpose for our agents illustrated as follows:

Dynamic Tag System | Lister – Seller’s Agent

  • Ability to assist Seller in best interest to sell FAST because listing exposure is maximize to the max as we allow up to 10 different supporting taggers with possibly more than 10 different marketing media and portals.
  • Lister would be able to secure more exclusive listings merely by promoting this system to potential seller.

Dynamic Tag System | Tagger – Buyer’s Agent

  • Potentially able to earn some income (could be amounting to thousands) even though no personal listings on hand
  • Able to swing buyers to other listings and projects or even convert buyers into sellers

THE BENEFITS are not exhaustive and it’s no doubt this platform have helped many of our members earned their income, creating multiple WIN-WIN Situations..

Photos Of Successful Closings From Dynamic Tag System

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