Dynamic Force Training

Dynamic Force Group is a Real Estate Salesperson Group that firmly believe and emphasize on training (Dynamic Force Training) to help our members achieve success. Training must be both practical and applicable.

Training for our Warriors can be categories as follows

  • Training conducted by Propnex
  • Training conducted by PropNex – Power Of Closing (POC) Group
  • Training developed by Dynamic Force Group

Propnex Training Program

Training Program by Propnex are as follows:

Experience RES Roadmap (SPEAR)

Dynamic Force Group - Dynamic Warriors Training - Spear by PropNex (dynamicforce.sg)

New RES Roadmap (SPEAR)

Dynamic Force Group - Dynamic Warriors Training - Aspire by PropNex (dynamicforce.sg)

Our Chief Trainer, Neo Chee Seng, is a company trainer for Propnex Project Power Presentation Course (PPPC) and Accelerated Closing Technique (ACT) training program. In addition, he is also the Founder for Dynamic Wealth Creation Course, that is currently ongoing at Life Mastery Academic (LMA).

Our other leaders, Nick Poh, Simon Lum and Edmund Ee, are also actively involved in company training activities such as Salesperson Bootcamp as Facilitators, Speakers for Winning Wednesday Talks, etc.

POC Group Training Program

Dynamic Force Group - Dynamic Warriors Training

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Dynamic Force Training Program

Training Program developed by Dynamic Force are as follows:

Dynamic Wealth Creation

  • Developed and presently conducted solely by our Chief Trainer, Neo Chee Seng, Dynamic Wealth Creation Program is a training initiative develop with the objective to transform POC Group Salesperson from a purely Buy, Sell, Rent, Salesperson to Property Wealth Creation Consultant. In Dynamic Force, we believe in empowering our members with the right skills to be successful not just in today’s market but also in the future.
  • This advance training program is conducted in small class size, with numerous case studies to ensure all participants are able to fully understand the concepts, complex financial calculations and techniques.
  • Rave reviews were received by almost every single participants who had the privilege to attend this training. These including many Propnex Leaders, Project-In-Charge for New Launches and Propnex Platinum Award Winners.
  • Invited by Principal Trainer of Life Mastery Academy (LMA), Mr Primus Yuen, to collaborate, this training is now available for all Propnexian. Ask any Propnexian who had attended this training before, and hear the review from them directly!

Dynamic New Media Mastery

  • Developed jointly by our founding leaders, Neo Chee Seng, Edmund Ee and Nick Poh, Dynamic New Media Mastery Program is a training program design specifically to the needs of a new generation of Real Estate Salesperson. In Dynamic Force, we believe in empowering of our members with up-to-date marketing skills to be successful in their real estate career.
  • All topics are design to be practical, focus purely on real estate applications, with useful examples and templates that can be adapted, modify sparingly, and use almost immediately.
  • Emphasize on SEO & Internet Marketing (Conducted by, Nick Poh and assisted by Richard Wan and Christina Ng) and Social Media Marketing (Conducted by, Edmund Ee).

Dynamic Leadership Development

  • Stay tuned, more details will be announced shortly.

On-the-Job Training (Project Marketing)

With many of Propnex’s BUC Projects-In-Charge, Group Leaders and TOP Project Salesperson coming from POC Group Dynamic Force. We aim to pass on our knowledge with hands on training on the ground to help our members succeed as in Project Marketing. We look forward to groom more TOP salespersons and successful Leaders.

Current Projects headed by Dynamic Force:

Kingsford Waterbay – Nick Poh / Richard Wan
Skies Miltonia – Simon Lum
Belgravia Villas – Simon Lum
INz Residence EC – Neo Chee Seng
Highline Residences – Jasmine Ng

Upcoming Projects Headed by Dynamic Force:

Normanton Park (Enbloc) will be headed by Nick Poh
Rivercove Residences EC
will be headed by Neo Chee Seng

Margaret Ville will by headed by Rodney Tan
The Enclave @ Holland will be headed by Jasmine Ng

We will you to Dynamic Force Group now or feel free to Contact Us for more information.