Dynamic Closing Techniques (M4)

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Dynamic Closing Techniques form part of an essential series of 4 training modules (Module 1-4) formulating the Dynamic Sales Acceleration (DSA) course which aims to equipped Learners with the various essential skills and tools to be a competent and successful Real Estate Salesperson (RES).
Uniquely exclusive to Dynamic Force Group (DFG) members, closing techniques (Module 4 or M4) are critical skill-set to aid Salesperson perform the final finishing touch to a conclude a deal. From Leads Generation to Leads Management (Covered in M1/M2/M3), we strongly believe Lead Conversion via Effective Closing Techniques and Mindset is detrimental to a deal if it’s lacking.
The 2 days Training outline includes:
* A.S.K.M.E Concept
* Innovative Deal Maker
* Closing Via Overcoming Objections
* Time Machine Closing
* Market Knowledge Closing
* Bonus: Free HNW database

Photos Taken During Dynamic Closing Techniques Training

 Dynamic Closing Techniques Chief Trainer Simon Lum cum Co-Founder of DFG devotes 2 full day of his time to ensure members have good takeaways and further enhance their sales career. Achieving the Million Dollar Club Award in ERA in June 2019, Simon hope to pass down his legacy of successful sales closing techniques and have thus selflessly delicate his time to HELP EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE !!

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