Dynamic Asset Progression

DSA Module 1 - Dynamic Asset Progression (Dynamic Force Group)

Dear DFG Members,
Presenting DFG Dynamic Sales Acceleration Program
M1 : Dynamic Asset Progression

Course Details
Date: 4, 5 and 6 Apr
Time: 10-5pm
Venue: DFG Media Hub
37 Jalan Pemimpin #08-03
Singapore 577177

Specially for DFG members
3 Full days program!

Do you often receive questions from clients such as:
💬 “What if the market gets worse in the next 5 years?”
💬 “Can you guarantee that I will not make a loss?”
💬 “What if I suddenly lose my job, will I still be able to finance the loan?”

Yes, clients these days are far more sophisticated and questions like these would be easy to answer if you only knew how! 🤔

Come join us in this Dynamic Sales Acceleration Module 1: Dynamic Wealth Creation as DFG Leader Neo Chee Seng shares exactly what you need!

✅ Discover strategies your clients can adopt
✅ Strengthen your relationship and trust with them
✅ Learn how to talk to clients confidently about property financial planning
✅ Discover how to start, build up and enhance their asset portfolio over time

In Dynamic Force Group (DFG), we believe in constantly adding values to our teammates. Once again, special thanks to Neo Chee Seng, Co-founder of DFG for his selfless contribution.

Need more information?
Contact Neo Chee Seng 81617124 Now or

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