Dynamic Force Group – Weekly Night Training


Dynamic Force Group has its weekly night training that starts at 7pm. Most of the trainings will be conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the real estate industry, we have residential, commercial and industrial properties. Every transaction in every aspect can be different and it a must to learn the ropes so that we do not misrepresent. In the fast paced moving real estate industry, we have to have the knowledge from serving to closing a deal.

Many a times, we could have lost touch in some aspects or may not even have a chance to deal in all different types of transactions. Our weekly night training serves the purpose in getting us in our right tracks by refreshing our memories. When new procedures and rules are passed out, we have to be the first to get to know of the changes and advise our clients efficiently and accurately.

Be bonded in our family and feel the warmth when you have team mates forking our their spare time to share with us the knowledge.