Personal Assistant Of DFG

Personal Assistant Of DFG - Both PA Together

InĀ Dynamic Force Group, we employed not one, but two Personal Assistants (PA) to support our teammates. With two personalized Personal Assistants in DFG, how does this benefit you as an agent?

  • Q&A is always promptly reply
  • seamless paperwork
  • Handled your sensitive documents & other correspondence with confidentiality
  • Resolved your administrative related issues when necessary
  • Support in the Recruitment and daily activities, etc

About Jessica

personal assistant of DFG - Jessica

With a bright & bubbly personality, this lady consistently lights up the whole town with her smile. Jessica has been in the F&B industry before joining the real estate industry as a personal assistant. Her work experience has greatly benefited her & DFG needless to say.

Her communication skills & patience always assisted the leaders in achieving desirable outcomes. She is able to hold good conversations and her IT proficiency speeds up DFG workload tremendously. She is definitely an asset to DFG.

About Sharon

personal assistant of DFG - Sharon

A tall slender lady with a pretty face is always pleasing to the eyes of co-workers. DFG is fortunate to find one as a personal assistant. Sharon joined the real estate industry since 2007 as a personal assistant to some key leaders. Armed with more than a decade of experience, Sharon is definitely an asset to DFG.

She has an eye for fine details, excellent organisational skills & most importantly, discretion. In addition, she is IT proficient which makes daily tasks a breeze & spends her other time adding value to the leaders in any way she is able to.