Dynamic Force Group - Nicholas Lim

Project IC

Leader of Dynamic Force Group Nicholas Lim 01 (DFG - ERA)

Nicholas Lim

Project IC

Nicholas Lim is another of Dynamic Force Group’s  young and promising Leader. Barely few years in this industry,  he already proved his worth and capability by constantly clinching several awards. Listed below are some of his credentials:

* Top Project Salesperson (Multiple Times)

* Top Individual Producer (Multiple Times)

* Platinum Achiever (>$100k/mth in commission)

* Top Tagger Award

* Top Project Closer In Multiple Projects

Being one of the youngest & friendliest leader around, digital online website  or social media platform marketing come as a smooth feat for him as he effectively utilise it for Leads Generation.  He also recognise that Lead Conversion and Closing Techniques are important elements and he is thankful that DFG‘s signature program known as the Dynamic Sales Acceleration (DSA) have helped him in that aspect.

Nicholas currently pride himself as a well versed and competent Leader who is able to digitally generate leads, perform acute Financial Calculations, and adopt effective objection handling/closing techniques !!

He hereby commit to give selfless sharing and individual coaching to fellow industry comrades and he is just a phone call away !!

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