Dynamic Force Group – Survival Bootcamp


Practice Goals
Dynamic Force Group Survival Bootcamps are short-term residential programs that resemble military basic training and target every Real Estate Salesperson be it experienced or non-experienced salespersons. Boot camps are designed as alternative sanctions to modifying participants’ problem behaviours that likely contribute to their negativity towards sales. Behaviour modification occurs through reinforcement of positive behaviour and immediate resolution to their negativity. In addition, it helps individuals in attaining their peak performance through the drills and trainings. (Depending on Individuals)

Target Population
We welcome all enthusiasts ,be it being experienced or non-experienced, who are seeking to excel in their performance. Most importantly is how our bootcamps can cater to helping them achieve their goals in life and for their loved ones.

Practice Activities
Typically, boot camp participants are required to follow a rigorous daily schedule of activities that can include drill and ceremony, manual labor, and physical training similar to a military boot camp. Participants are awoken early every morning and are kept busy with various activities throughout the day with little free time. Strict rules regulate all aspects of participants’ conduct and appearance. Facilitators act as drill instructors and use intense verbal tactics to discourage opposition and instigate behavioural changes in participants. Punishment for misbehaviour is usually swift and may involve some type of activities that are considered beneficial to their scope of work.

Although most boot camps contain similar basic characteristics, there is no standard boot camp model and therefore individual programs can differ greatly. For instance, the amount of time and focus placed on physical training and hard labor compared to the therapeutic components of the program (such as emotional treatment, excellence in sales training, etc.) may vary.

Towards the end of the bootcamp, participants will be left with recharged energy for them to excel in their performance. Several participants have witnessed themselves in their strive and perseverance towards their goals.