PropNex DFG Founder - Edmund Ee - Official welcome onboard
PropNex is the place to be, we are assured that our salespersons can grow their careers and teams to greater heights. No matter how big the agency is, salespersons here are protected with a FAIR CONTRACT where we can grow successfully.” Edmund Ee✨
PropNex Real Estate Salespersons Chapter – Agents’ Voice Matters” is the FIRST in the industry to be launched holds the objective of looking into the welfare, promoting professionalism the industry.
✅ FULL REFUND of renewal fees to salespersons within 30 DAYS for those who resigned, with NO ADMIN FEE and ZERO inflated penalty charges.
✅ Project Leaders and Team Managers/ Team Leaders will continue receiving their RIGHTFUL COMMISSION, OVERRIDE and PROFIT SHARE even after their resignation
💙PropNex extends our heartiest welcome to Edmund Ee (Associate Branch District Director) to the BIG PROPNEX FAMILY! We are very confident that our incoming experienced salespersons will continue excelling here at PropNex and enjoy from the numerous amazing initiatives we consistently roll out for their success!
PropNex DFG Founder - Neo Chee Seng - Official welcome onboard
PropNex DFG Founder - Nick Poh - Official welcome onboard
PropNex DFG Founder - Simon Lum - Official welcome onboard

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