Dynamic Force Group - Patrick Neo

DFG Trainer

Patrick Neo - DFG Trainer standing photo

Patrick Neo

Internet Marketing Trainer

Patrick Neo has been in the Real Estate Industry since 2008.

Before he join real estate, he was with Telecom companies for more than 8 years on retail sales and have won a few awards, namely Model Workers Award, Gold and Silver for  Excellent Service Awards.

Because of his nature in customer oriented service, he was well trusted by his customers to fully entrust him with their purchases, sales and rental of properties.

Started off his real estate career with HDB sales, Patrick have move on to condo, landed, commercial and industrial sales and rental. He always share his vest knowledge of properties with his colleagues and assist his team excel to next level.

Now Patrick is part of DFG Internet Marketing Team focus in helping colleagues who like to learn sales and personal branding through internet to reach out more audiences.

If you have question about property, just call him for a coffee. That’s all he need.