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On 30th and 31st June 2019, Dynamic Force Group (DFG) held its first Dynamic Sales Acceleration Module 4 (DSA M4) – Dynamic Closing Techniques. 20 participants from DFG gathered at our Mountbatten ERA HQ Office at Tanglin Training Room, eager to learn from Mr Simon Lum – Co-founder of DFG.

Graduation Photos Taken

Dynamic Closing Techniques form part of an essential series of our unique 4 training modules (Module 1-4) formulating the Dynamic Sales Acceleration (DSA) course, which aims to equipped learners with the various essential skills and tools to be a competent and successful Real Estate Salesperson (RES).

Photos Taken During Our Training

After the Graduation, the trainees proceed to Infini At East Coast for a nice meal, as well as a detailed briefing of the upcoming development by the Project DDs cum DFG Co-founder, Edmund Ee and Nick Poh.

Photos Taken | Infini At East Coast

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