Dynamic Asset Progression (DAP)

Dynamic Asset Progression - Team at Work 01 - Dynamic Force Group

Dynamic Asset Progress (DAP) – In today’s market, Buy, Sell, Rent agents are passed. Are you one of those, or are you more than that – a trusted advisor?

Clients nowadays are much more sophisticated. They ask questions like:

  • Do I really need to buy now?
  • I want to buy 2 properties, but don’t have enough cash. Can you help me?
  • What is the market direction for 2020?
  • What if the market gets worse in the next 5 years?
  •  Can you guarantee that I will not make a loss?
  • What if I suddenly lose my job – will I still be able to finance the loan?
  • What is the best way for me to plan my finances and yet be able to buy my next property with peace of mind?

Our DAP Warriors, go for regular roadshows and door knocking across the island to share assets progression concepts with proper risk management advises. They also offer real estate transactions advices with the public. Engage our hardworking Real Estate Salespersons only if they are able to offer you value added advices.

If you are positive, forward looking and interested to be part of our dynamic family, we offer regular activities on a group basis to make lead generation and prospecting part of your routine workout. Call any Dynamic Force Group (DFG) members today to learn more.

Photos Taken During DAP